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An Endless Sky

i just want my porn

Ayel i'Ramnau
8 September 1966
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We present this record as evidence only
Whether it is fact or not, you must judge for yourself.

Now we realized that our experiment was at its end.
From here, it was either:
Escape, or be destroyed.

--Spor; Deathray


Nero and Ayel have sex like an acid trip.--kirktastic


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amateur asteroseismology, armchair geodetics, astrogation, barely passing geomechanics theory, black holes, brown coats, choking starfleet captains, condenser coils, crackchat beach, fabric softener, flying this thing, hands/kirk's neck=otp, infinite drinks, interrogation, locating ambassador spock, narada, nero, not doing windows, orders, ore processing, oren, rewiring federation positronics, rihannsu stellam shiar, romulan star empire, romulus, running the ship, s'task, salvage, shattering physics, speaking for nero, spock, stardate 64333.4, stripping your equipment, supermassive black hole, supernovae, telluric current analysis, that's not my gun, the color gold, the current stardate, time travel, violence as the solution